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Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet, Book 1: The Stonekeeper - Kazu Kibuishi

I love, love, love the art. 
The characters are so cool, especially the snarky robot. The rabbit is the cutest badass I've ever seen. The storyline is interesting and surprised me several times. I just couldn't see some twists at all. It's also a lot darker than I expected it to be. And then there is this translated "noise" (I read the book in Estonian), which made me laugh a lot. I can't wait to read the next one.

Hallaaegade algus by Ruta Sepetys

Hallaaegade algus - Ruta Sepetys, Karin Suursalu

It took me less than a day to read this book. It was such a sad and powerful story. 
I'm thankful that Ruta Sepetys has written it because I often have a feeling that people from other countries (in America and Western Europe) know quite well what Hitler did during the WW 2, but know a lot less about what Stalin was up to and how Siberia is full of unmarked graves. Thousands and thousands of people (among them babies, toddlers, teens, and senior citizens) were deported from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia but also from Poland and Ukraine because they were marked as criminals and enemies of the Soviet Rule. And so few of them returned ...

Shade's Fall by Jamie Begley

Shade's Fall  - Jamie Begley

There was a moment I was planning the murder of the hero but I got over it. He was an extremely dangerous bastard, so my plan hadn't worked anyway. And he actually loved Lily and was ready to give her the world. Lily was an amazing character, such a fighter. I'm glad I finished this book.

Tainted by Jamie Begley

Tainted - Jamie Begley

Didn't like the hero of the story. Author wanted to show Kaden as a savior but he was so cold and there was the undertone of abuse in his relationship with  Sawyer. It really bothered me because she deserved better.

Also, I saw the twist coming a mile away.

Melted by the Dragon by Amira Rain

Melted By The Dragon: A Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance - Amira Rain, Simply Shifters

I saw the word dragon shifters and had to read because it was (or maybe still is) a free e-book.


Thank good it was short because this book was definitely not my cup of tea. The author couldn't decide what to do with the story - parallel worlds, time machines, dragon shifters. They are all mentioned in the story but nothing happens. There wasn't even a scene where a man changed into a dragon. No trips to parallel worlds, manipulative friends and a ridiculous team sport . Stupid characters and a heroine I learned to hate.

Tubakapoodnik by Robert Seethaler

Tubakapoodnik - Piret Pääsuke, Robert Seethaler

Great book about becoming of age, first love, and choices people make.

I decided to change my raiting from 4 to 5 stars. The reason is simple enough. I can't stop thinking about the story. It haunts me all the time. My friend tells me that it's called book hangover and it will pass one day. I really hope it's going to happen soon because I have a shelf full of books I want to read but this one has its hooks in me and won't let go.

Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones

Second Grave on the Left  - Darynda Jones

It is a reread and I just loved it ... the crazy humour, family ties, amazing friendship, and great mystery. Charley is my favourite paranormal detective at the moment.

Risky Shot by Kathleen Brooks

Risky Shot - Kathleen Brooks

This ending! Now I HAVE to read the third book.

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride by Kristen Painter

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls, #1) - Kristen Painter

Why couldn't the whole story be as humorous and exciting as the first chapters? Why?


Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover

It's actually more like 3.5 stars. The story confused me a lot. The first part of the story was very uplifting and funny but then it changed and turned into an awful and depressing book. There was a moment when I just stood up and poured myself some wine before I could go on reading.

I actually liked the main character Sky. She was very confident and didn't care about other people's opinion very much. I was laughing my head off, when she added stuff so that the insulting notes on her locker would be more artistic. It also didn't bother me how she and Six called each other. My friend read the book in English and was upset about the words Six and Sky used while talking to each other. I read the book in my mother tongue, so maybe those words the translator used weren't so offensive in Estonian. Or maybe we are just different people who react differently to words like that. The other very funny moment was when Sky sent a message to a wrong person by accident. I loved that Colleen Hoover created a character who didn't know much about computers and mobile phones. The author actually sent a message that you can live a full life without technology as well.

Holder wasn't such a pleasant character. His temper made me careful. I also didn't like how the author romanticized sneaking into a girl's room in the middle of the night. It's not romantic, its creepy as hell to let a boy you barely know climb into your bed in the middle of the night. It makes me so mad, when authors use that in a story.

Still, I liked Sky and Holder as a couple and my biggest regret is that they didn't get any professional help. In my opinion all three (Sky, Holder, and Karen) needed it.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs

It's more like 3.75 stars actually. 
The beginning was fantastic and the end even better but in the middle of the story the main character Jacob spent some time 

in a time loop

(show spoiler)

, so the story was dragging quite a bit.

Sex Piston by Jamie Begley

Sex Piston - Jamie Begley

Well, I liked Sex Piston even more after reading this story. She rocked - the way she handled situation at home and at work were amazing. But there were things I didn't understand (the future living arrangement for example) and the way Stud tricked Sex Piston into a "relationship" was not cool at all. I also wanted more scenes with Stud's daughters.
Loved family dynamics and tight-knit community feel but I missed The Last Riders. Fortunately Lily was part of the story.

Knox's Stand by Jamie Begley

Knox's Stand - Jamie Begley

With every story I like this series more and more. Knox's Stand has everything - mystery, romance, humour, and some action. The main characters are interesting but Sex Piston crew is one of the craziest set of characters I've read for a long time. They cuss, drink and are scary as hell but they are also great friends and very loyal.

Viper's Run by Jamie Begley

Viper's Run - Jamie Begley

Much better than the first one. 
Although there were quite a lot of grammar mistakes, I was hooked from the start. I still struggled with the choices the woman belonging in a club made, but who am I to judge. I actually started liking Evie a lot in this book. And I liked Viper so much more than Razer. I also enjoyed how clever Winter was. The way she got Shade's vote made me giggle.
This series seems like a puzzle. Every book has a full story but author gives you some extra pieces until you discover that you have put together only one fragment. I already downloaded Knox's Stand. And I have the whole weekend to enjoy it. 

Retoromaani muinasjutte

Retoromaani muinasjutte : Šveits - Aleksander Kurtna

This collection had some fairy tales I had never read before. I liked them very much.

Hercule Poirot: kogutud lühijutud

Hercule Poirot: kogutud lühijutud - Piret Orav, Johannes Aavik, Gea Mägi, Agatha Christie

It took me some time but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Hercule Poirot is my favourite detective of all times. It was fun to compare the stories with the TV show's episodes. I had no idea that they put some stories together for the show. Also, there was one story "The Capture of Cerberus" I couldn't place, I just don't remember a similar plot from the television show. 
The story I enjoyed the most was "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding". It took place at Christmas, had a fantastic old-fashioned feeling, and I actually learned something new from this story. Great collection.