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Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner

Loving Deviant (Cyborg Seduction) (Volume 9) - Laurann Dohner

I'm sad to say, but - too much sex and not enough story. :(

Chez Stinky by Susan C. Daffron

Chez Stinky (An Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy) (Volume 1) - Susan C. Daffron

I wouldn't say it's a comedy but I really liked the main character Kat. She was brave and smart. And the animals were so cute.

But there were a few mistakes in the flow of the story and the ending was just so sudden. The story got so interesting and I wanted to know what happens next with Joel and Kat (their business, family secrets and so on). There are more books in the series but if I'm not mistaken book two has another couple as main characters. So, are Kat and Joel in their story as well? If so, I'm ready to continue with the series. If not, then it's goodbye, Alpine Grove.

Kriminaalne suvevaheaeg by Ilmar Tomusk

Kriminaalne suvevaheaeg - Ilmar Tomusk, Hillar Mets

Kribu and Krabu hope to have a great summer holiday, but then their father gets into trouble and young detectives have to solve another case. Fortunately, Paul arrives from Scotland to spend his summer in Estonia and agrees to help the kids. Trying to catch the criminals Kribu and Krabu even have to travel to Russia.


Great mystery for children. I admire how the author has masterfully weaved together a lot of useful information and an exciting story line. In this book Ilmar Tomusk talked about famous detectives, e-bills, and what to do when you lose your ID card, but it never felt like information dumping. 

Even the fairy tale ending couldn't spoil the experience because I guess we all hope to get the second chance in our lives. 

Ransom by Julie Garwood

Ransom - Julie Garwood

I listened to the audio book and the sexy times were really embarrassing. :)

I liked the storyline and the characters. The first half of the book was amazing, the second half was just good (there were some tstl moments and my favourite character wasn't part of the book anymore). Still, great romance.

Saga, Vol 3 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Saga, Volume 3 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Great volume. The pictures are still amazingly haunting and a bit disturbing and the storyline was very exciting.

Lootuse õunakook (The Apple Tart of Hope) by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

The Apple Tart of Hope - Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

I liked the book because it was about friendship, bullying, and teenage suicide thought but it didn't go very deep. I also expected to find the recipe of Oscar's apple tart in the story but it wasn't there. :(




The gorgeous cover of Estonian edition

Seitsme nimega tüdruk (The Girl with Seven Names) by Hyeonseo Lee

The Girl with Seven Names - Hyeonseo Lee, John David Mann

The author was born in North Korea. When she was 17 she crossed the border river to China. The following years she tried to start a new life while hiding from the Chinese police. Twelve years later she managed to go to South Korea. And then she decided to go back to China and help her family to escape from North Korea as well. 
Great book. Very honest and exciting book which broadened my mind.


The cover of the Estonian edition

Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde

Devil's Game - Joanna Wylde

Good story line and a spunky heroine. I liked this book. 
Now I want a story about Deke and Cookie.

Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones

Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones

I listened to the audio book and it was fantastic. The beginning was very humorous and light but as the story went on it began to grew darker and darker. These ghosts in her apartment were so creepy and the scenes at the end - I was actually scared. 
Great book.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Kerr Tiffany, Jack Thorne

Let's start with positive - I liked Scorpius and Draco Malfoy really surprised me pleasantly. That's it. 


Now, let the rant begin.

If I could separate it from Harry Potter books, it might be a rather good play but because it needs knowledge about Harry Potter characters I can't do this and it turns the whole book into a disappointment.
I was prepared to read a play and submerge into Harry Potter world but this wasn't the eighth book. This was like really bad fan fiction. One of my favourite characters was turned into a pathetic joke. Rose's role was so tiny it was almost non-existent. There was no social interaction between James and Albus and it was just weird. They were brothers and I thought at least Harry and Ginny taught their kids how to stick together but apparently they didn't. The way school didn't do anything before the 4th school year was just stupid and made me angry. Where were the teachers when the problems started on day one? Those are only few of the things that popped into my mind while reading this book. 
I have to admit that I would like to see the play because while reading I also asked several times how they would do things, like did they drop the temperature while dementors were on stage.

Mees nimega Ove (En man som heter Ove) by Fredrik Backman

Mees nimega Ove - Fredrik Backman, Ene Mäe

Amazing book.
If I could, I would give it more than 5 stars. The story was utterly compelling and reminded me of a roller coaster. One moment I was laughing my head off and on the next page the story line broke my heart. I enjoyed the style of the book and Fredrik Backman's similes and metaphors (and all those other things when you compare things) were absolutely superb.
This book was about serious topics but at the same time it was such a positive and joyous read.

The Bride by Julie Garwood

The Bride - Julie Garwood

I'm not surprised at all that this book has been among 100 best romance books for years. 
It's a very humorous story about a Scottish laird who is forced to marry with an Englishwoman. Alec and Jamie were both wonderful characters. Sure, Jamie was almost too perfect, but Julie Garwood used her few flaws to make me laugh all the time. I loved her banter with Alec and the way her husband tried to make her angry, when he saw her sad or worried, was hilarious.
The story also had a little bit of suspense and danger. But actually it's an amazing "feel good" book and it just made me happy.

Last Victim by Karen Robards

The Last Victim - Karen Robards

I liked Charlie's ideas and suggestions while working and the end of the book was quite exciting but it's still a 2.5 star book. There were too many inner monologues and not enough tension. They were chasing a serial killer, racing against the clock, but I was bored. I also didn't enjoy the love story. Charlie had to choose between two men and her choice made me sick. It just went against everything I knew about the woman. 


Lumivalgeke peab surema (Schneewittchen muss sterben) by Nele Neuhaus

Schneewittchen muss sterben - Nele Neuhaus

It took me less than 24 hours to read this beast (496 pages). At first I had difficulties because of all these characters. It seemed like a very bad info dump but then I found from goodreads that this was actually the 4th book in the series. No wonder I couldn't understand how all these detectives were connected to each other. Fortunately only two were main characters and the slices from there private life were interesting. But I'm still upset that they started publishing the series from somewhere in the middle. 
The case was interesting. A man returns to his home village after spending 10 years in prison for murders. The villagers are angry and try to force him to leave. They start with insulting graffiti and go on with threats and physical violence. After somebody attacks the man's mother two detectives start investigating and soon realize that the story is a lot more complicated. The village is full with dark secrets and people lie and lie and lie. 
I enjoyed all the twists and turns and couldn't put the book down. Great mystery. 4.5 stars


Cover of the Estonian edition

Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh

Allegiance of Honor (Psy/Changelings) - Nalini Singh

Very well written and although it was about all the previous couples, the book had a good storyline - our heroes tried to locate a kidnapped lady shifter and had to protect the first psy-changeling child. At the same time they expected another first - pupcubs were ready to be born. 
It was great to visit the characters and read about their lives. I was a bit disappointed that Lara and Walker had such a small part in it but I'll survive. Nalini Singh is definitely one of my favourite authors. She knows how to write an exciting emotional story.

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning

It wasn't what I expected but I have to admit I was hooked. I loved the characters. Brian was so sweet and his feelings for Myrna were really strong. And Myrna was an awesome character. She loved rock music, had a backbone (she made the famous rock stars clean the tour bus), and stood up for Brian's parents when she saw how they treated their son.
Sure, the story had too many sex scenes, actually most of the time the main characters were like Duracell bunnies, not realistic at all, but the way Brian heard music while having sex with Myrna was fascinating. And it made the story humorous. The first time she wrote music on Myrna's body I was laughing my head off. 
I'm not sure I like Sed but I'll give his story Rock Hard a try.