Saved by Venom by Lolita Lopez

Saved by Venom - Lolita Lopez

I've been feeling poorly for a couple of days now. My friend, whom I had said, how much I enjoyed The Golden Dynasty, brought me her e-book reader and told me to read this series because it reminded her of Kristen Ashley's book.
Well, the first two weren't very good. Actually, they weren't so bad either. The stories had potential but the storyline and the world weren't developed well enough. What the stories had, was a lot of sex. Some of this was quite hot but some was out of my comfort zone. I even skipped the paragraph about the officers' club while reading the second story.
I didn't expect much when I started Saved by Venom but was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked Dizzy and Venom's book. It had much less sex and the main characters communicated a lot. The story also had some action and a rather interesting storyline. 
I really hope the author continues with the series.