The Promise by Kristen Ashley

The Promise - Kristen Ashley

I'd been waiting for the perfect moment to read this book. So, finally, the weather was warm and sunny, I had my cold drink  and was sitting in the garden.  And after reading 10% ... I was bored out of my mind.


Some days later I tried again. This was torture. I read 20% and nothing happened. So disappointing.


Third try. I can do this. I'm ready. I can conquer this book...



At 32 %

I'm done.  I imagine this is worse than Chinese water torture. It's soooo slow, has pages and pages of description and nothing has happened.

I actually loathe Benny's family. Where's the grovelling? After years of bullshit, they own her some serious grovelling. And there's nothing, nada, zilch,.. because Frankie is such a "generous soul". Yeach! You are a fucking doormat, Frankie!


Bye, bye, The Promise. I hope to never meet you again.