Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning

It wasn't what I expected but I have to admit I was hooked. I loved the characters. Brian was so sweet and his feelings for Myrna were really strong. And Myrna was an awesome character. She loved rock music, had a backbone (she made the famous rock stars clean the tour bus), and stood up for Brian's parents when she saw how they treated their son.
Sure, the story had too many sex scenes, actually most of the time the main characters were like Duracell bunnies, not realistic at all, but the way Brian heard music while having sex with Myrna was fascinating. And it made the story humorous. The first time she wrote music on Myrna's body I was laughing my head off. 
I'm not sure I like Sed but I'll give his story Rock Hard a try.