Barbarian's Prize by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian's Prize: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians) (Volume 6) - Ruby Dixon

So, Tiffany is one of the last unmated females and all single aliens try to impress the woman. It gets so bad that the idea of the competition is born. The winner gets the chance to escort Tiffany on her journey to the Elder's Cave (an old space ship). 
I didn't like the idea of the competition because Tiffany actually didn't want it. She had already chosen the male she liked, but because of her insecurity and events from the past she didn't have courage to say anything. So, she fooled everybody and it made me hate her. I wanted her to have some backbone and say no. I wanted her to realize that these blue aliens who took her in and fed and sheltered her were nothing like the creeps who stole her. But she just didn't get it.
The only saving grace was the hero of the story. He was amazing - the way he courted Tiffany was just sweet. And he was so patient with her. He deserved a better mate than whimpering Tiffany who couldn't open her mouth to end this foolish competition.
I also realized that with every book I like Vektal and Georgie less and less.