"Prisoner of My Desire" by Johanna Lindsey

Prisoner of My Desire - Johanna Lindsey

Oh dear. There were several things wrong with this book but I still loved it. Just loved it. I think what saved the book, was the mild language in sexual situations. If it had been the crude one a lot of writers use nowadays, I would have stopped reading. It would have been to awful to continue. But it wasn't, so, I enjoyed reading about the brute of the hero and the heroine who was a lady even when clothed in rags.

At first I was shocked because of the unusual beginning but then the story got my attention. Although the main characters had so many communication problems they somehow became dear to me. The ending was a bit rushed and I hated how the main villain's story ended but still it was a wonderful book. And of course the life in the medieval castle was a big attraction itself.
4.5 stars