"Last Dragon Standing" by G.A. Aiken

Last Dragon Standing - G. A. Aiken

I read it at the beginning of this year but I couldn't resist the temptation to post my opinion here as well. Actually I decided to copy the whole text from my Goodreads review.


After I had read about 10 pages I couldn't go on and posted:

I guess I should give up and move the book to "didn't finish" shelf. But it is G.A. Aiken's book and I love her dragon stories.
So, why is that one such a difficult book to read? - I can't stand Keita. That's why.
Oh, never mind. I'll give the book another try. The last one.


5 months later:

Finally finished reading.
Loved: * the sub-plot
* brothers with their families.
* interesting new characters. Just adored Lightenings and Ebba. Hopefully they're all going to have their own books in the future
* Morfyd and Brastias - they deserve their own book.

Couldn't stand / Hated:
* Keita, the Whining Prince-Ass. I never, ever thought I could just plain hate a "heroine" of the coolest dragon series ever. And then the whore of a prince-ass was introduced. Hate at first word. I really hoped she would end in salt mines. Yeah, vindictive wonderful me. What a shame it didn't happen. Poor, Ragnar. But there is still hope because the prince-ass has problems with commitment.
Without prince-ass it would be a 4-star read. Because of the "heroine" it's 3-star read. She really ruined the book for me. :(