"Once Upon a Ghost" by Day Leclaire

Once Upon a Ghost - Day Leclaire

Rachel's granny had an accident and is now in a wheelchair. The medical bills are piling and there's a possibility they can loose their house. The only hope to get the money is to sell the book Rachel has written about their family's ghost.
Zach Kingston is a scientist who can't stand con artists, who have declared themselves as psychics, or make money selling people ideas of ghosts. So, reading about Rachel's book deal, he decides to debunk her and her ghost as frauds.



I needed a book for a challenge and because it was less than 200 pages I picked this one.
I liked the main idea but not how it was written. There was no character development and Rachel had so many tstl moments it was embarrassing to read. She didn't act like a grown-up but like a ten-year-old. It really made the story creepy. This highly educated scientist who looks like an underwear model and a blonde with big blue eyes, pouty lips, and the mental capacity of the preschooler fall in love. Yeah, I can see that.