"Taunting Krell" by Laurann Dohner

Taunting Krell - Laurann Dohner

The best in this series. It made me cry but there was also a lot of humour, fabulous action, and a hot romance.

The heroine of this story was amazing. It was so cool how Cyan stood up to the cyborgs and told them what she thought of their laws and society. Her jokes made me laugh out loud, especially the one about the puppy. She was also very blunt about her desires and hopes.
I also liked Krell a lot more than the previous heroes. He proved his worth in "Redeeming Zorus", so I couldn't wait to read his story. And it was even better than I dared to hope. I really hated how the other cyborgs belittled him. He was brave, honest, and loyal. How dared they say he wasn't good enough to have children. I had the desire to have words with some females after Coal's book, but after this one I wanted to kick some female cyborg ass. It's time for those arrogant bitches to climb down the pedestal the males have put them.
This book also seemed to have less sex and more emotions. I really appreciated it. Somehow the series, which started as a fun smut, has evolved into an exciting science fiction romance series.
4.5 stars