The Man Who Smiled by Henning Mankell

The Man Who Smiled (Kurt Wallander #4) - Henning Mankell

An old lawyer dies in a car accident. His son believes his father was killed and visits recovering Wallander in Denmark. Wallander refuses to help and some days later his friend is killed.
Guilt ridden Wallander goes back to work and starts investigating both deaths. Quite soon he has a suspect but no proof. So, he digs deeper. So far, so good. Story is exciting, characters believable and style flawless.
But then suddenly Wallanders starts acting like a moron.

Criminals leave a landmine into an old lady's garden, and they try to blow up Wallander and his colleague. How does he react? He sends civilians into the lion's den to gather information. And when the shit hits the fan, he plays Rambo taking the rookie as his backup. There's a whole team of policemen investigating the case, and he goes alone, without a plan to a place with heavily armed men, who like to shoot human sized dolls as a target practice.

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  I like Wallander a lot, but in this book he made me so angry, I wanted to kick his ass.


The beautiful cover of Estonian edition.

The man who smiled  - cover of Estonian edition