One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands

One Lucky Vampire - Lynsay Sands

How do you rate a book, you have been waiting for but while reading, it doesn't make you feel anything?
I didn't hate the story but I didn't like it either. Lust was believable, love - not so much.
I didn't laugh, not once during this story. And the "nanos are never wrong" talk was really old. I want them to be "wrong". I want this series to have an odd couple. And I'm sick and tired of these immortals reading lovers' thoughts. It's rude and most of the time they don't seem to realize how awful it is. Well, block it and if you are not capable, then keep your mouth shut.
Also, this cook/housekeeper storyline seemed really familiar. I'm quite sure, there has been a hero in this series, who pretended to be a cook but couldn't even boil water.
Although I'm rating this with 2 stars, I'm waiting for the next book and hope I'll like Marcus's story more.