Wild Man by Kristen Ashley

Wild Man  - Kristen Ashley

I still wonder, how it's possible that I really dislike the first book but love the second book of the series.
Great story with wonderful characters. Tess and Brock were such darlings and I enjoyed their journey to happiness a lot. Finally, I found a heroine who loved clothes but didn't describe her every outfit. I was so happy about it, I had tears in my eyes. Tess was also very independent and had brains.
Brock was an alpha male but he wasn't a jerk and there was an explanation for everything he did. So, it was easy to forgive him his mistakes. I didn't get why everybody else called Brock Slim. I know it was a nickname, but every time I read it, I thought of mobsters.
I decided I have to give a chance to all author's books even if I don't like the first book(s) of the series.