Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Seize the Night  - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I don't even remember why I stopped reading this series years ago. But after reading this book I really wonder, what the hell was I thinking about. This book rocks. I've read two books from Chronicles of Nick series and I couldn't understand the prologue at all. Seize the Night gave a lot of answers and it's so sad, it makes me cry again. Yes, I was actually crying while reading this book.

Valerius was a Roman general. Now he is a Dark Hunter in New Orleans. His grandfather killed Kyrian and Zarek is Valerius's half-brother. Both hate his guts and try to make his life as miserable as possible. Nick's friends harass the man whenever they can, and Amanda's sisters curse him every time they meet. Zarek has a habit to struck his "dear brother" with lighting bolts. Actually, it's quite amazing, how Valerius can work at all.

Somehow he manages until Tabitha believes him to be a Daimon and stabs the poor man. Realizing her mistake she takes the injured Valerius at her place. Turns out the hated and cruel Roman is actually quite a decent man. When new danger rises its ugly head, Valerius and Tabitha join forces to save her family and the world.

I was afraid that Valerius was going to be some kind of a "poor me, everybody hates me, but I'm so brave" martyr. It never happened. He didn't feel sorry for himself - he was afraid and so sad, but never annoying. Tabitha was such a nut in previous books I didn't know what to expect. What I got, was amazing. She was full of life and fun, but still a kick-ass vampire slayer. I thoroughly enjoyed their romance.
This book has a good flow - it's exciting, humorous, romantic, and heartbreaking. Dark Hunter world keeps getting more complex and interesting with each following book. All the previous couples and characters are still part of the story and I can't wait to find out more about the mysterious woman named Kat.