Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand

My friends love this book, people I've met through goodreads adore the story, but I ... hesitate

I actually don't know how to rate Unearthly. The world was fascinating, I loved the setting of the novel so much, and Clara was such a complex character.
But at the same time I feel cheated. I can't believe that THIS was her purpose...

to sacrifice everything for the cause she doesn't even understand. Let's face it, Clara doesn't know anything about being a part-angel. Her mother withholds information and assumes that her teenage daughter will behave like a trained monkey because of her heritage. 

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How can a person be so naive? There were moments I wanted to throw the book, and I couldn't because I read the story on kindle.

I'm also disappointed because, although I found out some facts about Christian, I didn't learn to know him. Every time somebody mentioned "perfect god-like" Christian, I had Twilight and Evermore flashbacks. So, yeah, it ruined the story.

Angela was a weird character. She was so pushy and I couldn't decide if she was good or evil. There was something creepy about her - I actually think, she believed herself to be better, smarter, and stronger than Clara. I loved Tucker and Wendy. They were real, fun and adorable.

I'm team Tucker all the way. Christian just has to find another blond chick to fly away with.

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I also have a crazy theory about Jeffrey and why Clara's dad left. I guess, I should read the second part of the series ... but I don't want to because of Midas. I hate how author left me hanging not knowing his fate. I'm not ready to be heartbroken if the worst happened. Can you imagine what Tucker might feel? No, I'm so not ready to read the second book.

Wow, this is definitely the longest opinion I've written. I think that counts, too. Shows that the book didn't leave me indifferent. And if I really have to give it stars ... 4 stars