One Heart to Win by Johanna Lindsey

One Heart to Win - Johanna Lindsey

I like books with mistaken identities and this was just that. A girl has to travel across the country to meet his father for the first time and to marry his father's neighbour's son. The idea of the marriage is to end the feud between two families. But the headstrong girl is not impressed by her parents decisions and hatches a plan of her own. She pretends to be a house keeper to find out why her mother left her father. Of course her plan doesn't work as she hopes. Some ways it works even better and other ways much worse.

I liked the beginning of the story. Tiffany was spoiled and headstrong and she didn't want to meet her father at all. I liked their trip to Montana but after that everything went downhill. I couldn't see this spoiled girl, who wanted to marry a New York dandy and had visited a kitchen twice in her life, washing dishes and cooking. She matured too quickly. Sure, author wanted me to believe, that she was playing a part, but it just wasn't believable.
The mystery of Tiffany's parents was good but it popped up randomly and the conclusion of it was so disappointing. Why such a rush? I wanted more details.
The story had wonderful secondary characters - so, that's why I give it 3 stars.