Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt

Wicked Intentions - Elizabeth Hoyt

The story takes place in the 18th century London, where a slum orphanage is in trouble. Its benefactor has recently died and brother and sister (Winter and Temperance), who keep the place, haven't had any success in finding a new one. At the same time several women are murdered and cut in the slum. One of the victims was a mistress of Lord Caire, a man with unusual desires in the bedroom, who decides to find the murderer. Because he doesn't know the slums very well, he asks Temperance to be his guide.

The setting was interesting but spooky. Every time Temperance went outside at night, with or without Caire, I was a nervous wreck, because author really took me to those slums, which were so dangerous and awful. I didn't know, if the heroine was really brave or utterly stupid to risk her life like that. I have to admit, she was an interesting character - a saint with the shocking past. I liked her dedication to the children and her will to stood up against her brother. Her family members created fascinating side characters. I can't wait to read Silence's story.

Lord Caire was a mysterious hero. I hadn't read or even heard about his condition before. Such a cold and lonely life. He had so many flaws. I think that's the reason, why I sympathized with him so much. I wanted him to feel something and to be happy.

The romance was hot and a little bit shocking. I didn't expect so wild scenes. Even more shocking was, how much I enjoyed reading them. Caire really had a way with words. The suspense part wasn't the greatest. The author didn't give glues and Caire's investigations weren't very structured. I also missed the confession. Yes, the author gave reasons but still, I wanted the murderer to say why the murders were committed.

English is not my first language, therefore there were several words I hadn't heard or seen before. I actually enjoyed using my kindle dictionary to find the exact meaning.

Enjoyable historical romance. Can't wait to read the second book. 4 stars