Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

Scandalous Desires (Maiden Lane) - Elizabeth Hoyt


I finally had time to finish reading this amazing story. I also have to say that this is my second attempt to write my opinion about Scandalous Desires. It's not as thorough as the first one because my computer crashed and I had to start again.

About a year ago Silence Hollingbrook tried to save a person she loved and lost everything - her marriage, her family's trust and her reputation. Now she lives in an orphanage and helps her brother to run it. She also raises Mary Darling - a little girl, who was left at her doorstep.
Charming Mickey O'Connor is a cold and calculating river pirate. He is also the man, who ruined Silence's life. But when Mickey has to hide his daughter, he chooses Silence - the brave woman he can't get out of his head. Mickey's enemy finds out where his daughter is, and Mickey has to convince Silence to live with him. In the name of the child Silence is ready for everything. She makes a deal with Mickey - she lives is his house until the threat is eliminated and after that she is free to leave with Mary Darling. Mickey has other plans - he wants to keep Silence with him for a long long time.

I loved the story and these wonderful characters. Even the Vicar of Whitechapel. He was the meanest and cruelest villains I've ever read about in romance novels. The things he did ... I hated him and at the same time wondered, why he was as he was. Can a person be born evil or was he just mentally ill?
Mickey was a jerk. A selfish and mean bastard who relished in his way of life and had no plans to change it. At the beginning of the story he had no 

feelings for his daughter. He just wasn't ready to lose something he owned, and Mary Darling was definitely his property.

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  Still I enjoyed his character a lot. He managed to redeem himself and his road there was a truly enjoyable read.
Silence was an admirable character. She had so much inner strength. Her defying Mickey made me laugh my head off. The scenes with Mickey's men, Lad, and Mary Darling were humorous and cute.
This story also has some really intense and emotional moments and quite a lot of contrasts - the poverty of slums and Mickey's luxurious house, the elegant opera house and the peaceful manor house near London - it made the story fast paced with enough romance, emotional moments, humour and action. And the fairy tale was as fascinating as always in Elizabeth Hoyt's books.
Scandalous Desires is now one of my favourite historical romances and I'm definitely going to read the next books.
5 stars